Essential support

Writing a book is hard work. It’s uplifting, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting—sometimes all in the same hour. I’m not sure how much assistance  others need to accomplish the task but I know that this book wouldn’t have progressed much beyond the starting blocks without the support of particularly Rachel, Margaret, Angela, Karen, and Alex. It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge and recommend them for their skills.

I’m going to need them again shortly for my second book just begun.

Editor: Rachel Small

Rachel had the unenviable task of not only correcting my grammar and syntax but also culling my verbosity. The excellence with which she achieves this is a measure of her capabilities as an editor. The fact that she didn’t exhibit irritation even once during three years of dealing with me is a measure of her patience and professionalism.

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Memory supplement and fact checker: Margaret Best

Margaret’s  contribution was correcting, contributing and recalling where my memory was found wanting. And I’m particularly grateful because contributing to my book usually meant interrupting her botanical art. She was my business partner for many years before finally applying herself full-time to her lifelong love of art and, as one would expect of someone of her talent and dedication, she is now an internationally recognized botanical artist and teacher.

You can find out more about Margaret and her botanical art at:

Graphic artist: Angela Merzib

Angela developed the graphic images of my thirty nine characters.

Graphic artists: Karen Humphrey and Alexander Sakarev

Aside from being a superb graphic artist and small business owner, Karen is a friend who gingerly told me that my original cover design “just didn’t do anything for her.” I was already having doubts myself after a critique by a Reedsy cover design professional. So Karen collaborated with Alex to produce a design that I really like and, most importantly, a lot of my severest critics like as well.