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The presentation

“As I watched a growing wet patch spread out across the loan officer's carpet it crossed my mind that perhaps Ryley had been a small business owner in a previous life.”

Michael Best - from Character #2, Banker in Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business.

The title of my presentation for business groups and conference audiences, is the same as that of the book, Characters Who Can Make or Break Your Small Business.

One of the most effective ways to provide an impactful experience for participants is in a round-table format with a limited number of, say, eight to twelve. In this way the topics represented by the thirty-nine characters can be explored in depth.

The suggested round-table format is as follows:

  • Duration: 2 hours to a full day.
  • Before the event each participant selects five characters they want to discuss (a ‘menu’ of 39 characters is provided).
  • The ‘menus’ are collated to select the characters (topics) in order of popularity.
  • The topics are discussed in order of popularity.
  • The host makes opening remarks.
  • I take less than five minutes to discuss some background to the book content and format.
  • I proceed with the first selected character making key points and quoting from the book, as appropriate.
  • The participants are then engaged in questions and comments about the topic.
  • The time devoted to each topic depends upon the total time available.

A more formal presentation for larger audiences can be tailored as follows:

  • A presentation based on the book and adjusted to suit circumstances.
  • The focus is a blend humour and useful information.
  • The number of characters addressed depends upon the time available.
  • Typically, audience members benefit most from a question-and-answer session, which can be included in all presentations.
  • Circumstances permitting, an exchange of views with the audience is encouraged to allow for discussion of additional information and anecdotes not included in the book.

Enquiries about a presentation for your group or conference can be made via the ‘Contact’ page on this site.