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This is Michael Best

“I was, after all, a chartered accountant with twenty years of experience spanning four continents and six countries. I had seen it all. Running a small business was going to be a piece of cake. How wrong I was!”

Michael Best - from the preface of Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business.

I graduated from the University of Cape Town and obtained my chartered accountant designation in 1974. Since then my career has included public accounting and auditing, business and share valuations, financial management, office productivity improvement consulting, and business ownership and management. My experience in these fields spans 6 countries on four continents and includes a vast range of industries and all sizes of enterprises from multinationals to small businesses. I now live in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia.

I benefit from a supportive family. This includes my 95-year-old mother, my wife of more than 45 years who is an internationally recognized botanical artist, our daughter who is a highly regarded urogynecologist, her husband who is the CFO of a TSE-listed company, and their son and daughter— two of the cutest and smartest grandchildren one could hope to meet.

When not absorbed by speaking and writing about small business, I enjoy reading, writing, cricket, rugby, art, bird watching, kayaking, and Jack Russell terriers.

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